Propelling Shafting Services

As the world leader in boat shafting, Marine Machining & Manufacturing offers the finest precision CNC machined and straightened shafting in stainless steel. Every shaft is custom machined, threaded, and has radius keyways cut to eliminate stress. All shafts are made to the highest of U.S. Navy quality standards, complying with S.A.E. J755 Propeller Shaft Specifications. They are 100% inspected for straightness and all other quality requirements prior to shipment.

Marine Machine & Manufacturing provides double tapered shafting and couplings which are the ultimate combination in propelling shafting. There's no more need to worry about couplings to be fitted, shafting not running true to coupling face, or problem with loose and sloppy couplings. Just insert shaft into coupling and then tighten nut on back side and the coupling is fitted, trued, and ready for installation.

We will also manufacture any type of coupling in a tapered coupling style. Many standard size tapered couplings are in stock and ready for immediate delivery.
Shafts are priced complete and ready to be installed which includes: machining consisting of taper, thread, and keyway at prop end and coupling end. Double tapering is also available. Call us for prices.

A worn or bent shaft can play havoc with even the finest engine and propeller combination. Install a new precision machined and straightened shaft to reduce vibration and improve all around performance. We also stock a complete line of shaft, nuts, keys, and cotter pins.

We strongly recommend that you have every coupling fit on to your new shaft by our machinists. This will help eliminate the many problems that occur when tolerances are not compatible, or when excessive or unusual wear is evident. We facilitate reconditioning of your old shaft, straightening, or any other modification.